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Hevin Zaza

How many people work for you?

(Believe it or not, it’s the first question I’m often asked).

Me, Myself and I.

What cameras do you use to film your videos?

I upgraded my Canon Rebel T5i camera to Canon 70D. I am so glad I did because it's a game changer! The auto focus is amazing!

I no longer need to set the camera to manual focus. My Tamron 24-70mm SP Di VC USD Lens is my go-to lens, but I also film with a Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens. Other lenses I own and rarely use are the Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens that came with the T5i camera and the EF 50mm f/1.8 II (a.k.a. Nifty Fifty).

I currently film my travel vlogs with the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 camera or the Sony a5100 camera. I used to film with a Canon G7 X PowerShot camera and Canon VIXIA

mini X.

Do you use a microphone?

Yes, I use Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun Microphone or Rode VideoMicro Compact

What camera do you use to take your photos?

It depends on the kind of pictures I want. I use my iPhone X, Canon EOS Rebel SL2 or Sony a5100 Mirrorless camera.


What do you use for lighting?

Natural lighting is the best, but unfortunately, my studio doesn't have enough light. I use Promaster SystemPRO Super Cool Light 4 and Ardinbir Fluorescent Ring Lamp Light.


What do you use to edit your videos?

Final Cut Pro X - - a great video editing program!  


What do you use to edit your photos?

It depends on the photo. When I was using my ASUS laptop, I used Windows Photo Gallery,, Paint and Picasa 3. I currently use Pinta and Pixelmator programs for MAC. I also use PicMonkey and Canva to create thumbnails for my videos.  Other editing iPhone apps: Afterlight, Adobe Photoshop Fix, ColorPop, Facetune and PicsArt.


I love your music!  Where do you get your music from?

I used to create my music using Music Maker Jam, MAGIX Music Maker 2013 Premium, and Apple GarageBand. I was also using some royalty-free music from YouTube Audio Library (not my favorite source of royalty-free music). I now mainly use Epidemic Sound.


Who designed your website?

I designed my website with the help of Wix website builder. Most of the background images you see on my website were designed by me.


What do you do when you’re not filming, editing or on social media?

There’s so much I can say here, but my favorite is traveling the world with my husband and watching "The Real Housewives".


What advice would you give new YouTubers?

Be creative, original and consistent, but also HAVE FUN!  Put effort into your content. You can see that successful YouTubers who have thousands and millions of subscribers enjoy what they do. They have high quality videos and they’re uploading videos constantly -- clearly they like what they do.


Always be passionate about what you do - - the results are always better. Without passion, you don’t have a true connection with what you are doing. If you have ever had a job that you felt passionately about, then you know what I mean.

Many people don’t understand YouTube (including some of my family and friends) and what it takes to make high quality videos and adding originality to them. It takes A LOT of time. Why, you ask? ;) To list just a few... there's setting up the camera and lighting equipment then filming and, of course, there's editing which by the way, takes the longest time. Honestly, I get tired of watching myself and listening to my voice over and over and... Oh and let's not forget social media where I also have to market my videos. I spend hours every day focusing on my social media and YouTube channel. Before you know it, the day

is over. Time flies because I love what I do!

And, last but not least, you need to have thick skin. If  you really want to make videos, and it's something you believe you'll enjoy, the last thing you need to do is care about what anyone else thinks. Like with anything else, you can’t make everyone happy. Be prepared for negative comments, and if you can handle that, then you should be good to go.

     Don’t let anyone spoil your fun!

Hevin Zaza


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